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Song: SuperXBeachXKids
Artist: Cody Simpson
Album: SuperXBeachXKids
Played: 5,173 times

Super Beach Kids - Cody Simpson (Frank Ocean re-imagination)

Whole lotta waves in this world, which one to choose?
Whole lotta curves on this girl, oh I’m confused 
This bikini girl stand and watch me 
I put the Shaka up cause she hot

Whole lotta salt in my veins I can’t get out
And a whole lotta sunshine, and good times
Super beach kids with nothing but dark tans 
Super beach kids with nothing but dirty vans

Woke up this morning on the sand
Still surrounded by my friends
And a bunch of empty soda cans 
And something that the tide brought in

Beach love last night 
Last night I found 
Found my beach wife babe, my beach wife yeah
I surfed at least 3 hours today
And them bottom curves felt so amazing

The Gold Coast life
Me and my chick 
We both skate by
This girl’s so sick
She’s in denim shorts and dirty vans
She’s got henna prints all on her hands


Real waves, I’m searching for them real waves
Real waves, I’m searching for them real waves, oh real waves

Close your eyes and listen to me talking
We are the thought provoking, softly spoken, heart wide open, chill emotion, kind of guys who shred on boards down in the ocean
Now let me take you boating 
I have a notion, if you’re tanning baby I’m your lotion
Just some beach kids actin’ up, our wet suit’s tailored up, 
Shopping at vineyard vines, all my belt’s whalered up,
This ocean stunt, we all got houses ocean front, nothing else is cool
Us surfer kids know how it’s done

But I’m not done
I’m on, on one, one day watcha say
I’ll take you down by the bay,
Lay a blanket and candles and a food tray
Serve you a little caviar and cheese
I’m just tryna please you, never leave you, I’m here to stay 
& you better tell your friends to stay away today okay?
Aye aye hey

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